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Antiques vs. Vintage:
Vintage is all the rage in Oklahoma!   But what exactly is the difference between an antique and a vintage item.    US Customs sets an antique as any item over 100 years in age, and this is the generally accepted age for most items, excluding automobiles.   Vintage is an item that is older than 20-30 years but doesn’t currently meet the age to be considered an antique.   You can use vintage items everywhere…and update items
Favorite Finds:  
Check out this page for our Favorite Find of the month.   It’s something that we found out and about or from one of our sales that we think is just too cool, and we want to share with everyone we know.  
Ruby glass is the dark red color of the precious gemstone known as a ruby. It was a popular Victorian color that never went completely out of style. The glass was shaped by many different processes to make many different types of ruby glass. There was a revival of interest in the 1940s when modern-shaped ruby table glassware became fashionable.
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