Extraordinary Estate Sales
What We Do
  1. Just a few items...
    Just a few items...
    Don't have enough for a full estate sale? Need money for a vacation or Christmas Shopping. Check out Services, or contact us today, we have retail options that may just be perfect for you.
  2. Antique Appraisals
    Antique Appraisals
    Don't know what something is worth. Check out our services or contact us today to discuss our appraisal options.
  3. Vintage Finds
    Vintage Finds
    Vintage Finds! So many fun an exciting things to rediscover!
  4. Favorite Things
    Favorite Things
    We always find unique items! Check out this Carnation Malted Milk 55 Gallon Barrel! Vintage Advertising, perfect for so many locations in your home!
About Us
We believe in the possibilities of second chances, and that includes second chances for the items in your home! 
We love vintage items!  We love antiques!  We love helping people during difficult times!  
So we started an estate sale company to put all of our loves together.   The next time that you need services of an Estate Sale Company we hope you will consider Extraordinary Estate Sales.   Our service is simply Extraordinary!